Two BIASian’s papers are accepted to VLSI 2022!

Two papers from our lab have been accepted to be presented at IEEE Symposium on VLSI Circuits (SOVC) 2022! One paper is about a LiDAR sensor entitled “A 100×80 CMOS Flash LiDAR Sensor with 0.0011mm2 In-Pixel Histogramming TDC Based on Analog Counter and Self-Calibrated Single-Slope ADC” of which the first author is Su-Hyun Han. Another paper describes an iToF system entitled “A 640×480 Indirect Time-of-Flight Image Sensor with Tetra Pixel Architecture for
Tap Mismatch Calibration and Motion Artifact Suppression” of which the first author is Jubin Kang. Congratulate Su-Hyun and Jubin on their first VLSI papers!